There are five generations of Ransomshire German Shepherds, starting with Bauernhoffen’s Ransomed Tamar, half German/half American lines, who we lost after a tragic accident at age 3 years.  We kept two of her pups, Rahab and Barnabas, and continue to breed a mix of E/W lines. Rahab had three litters, Sheba her daughter had nine litters, Sunny Sheba’s daughter had two litters, and currently Lydia, Sheba’s granddaughter and several other Sheba granddaughters are carrying on the Ransomshire genes.  Here are some photos of some of the dogs we have bred ourselves.   Near the end you will see some of the stud dogs (we breed to stud dogs we do not own to bring in new genes) we have used, and the last area shows our most recent dams.

Photo Gallery of Dogs